Friday, July 22, 2016

Mars Hill 2016 Day 4!

This was our last full day at Mars Hill!  
 The kids were finally able to make a craft just for themselves :)  They are sanding 5 woodblocks that will turn into dice to make their own outdoor yahtzee set!  They turned out really cool!

 We got to go help at a worksite this morning!  This group had finished building a back deck so they asked the kids if they'd like to paint it!  Of course! We love painting :) The picture above is the kids throwing the little blocks of busted up concrete (that was the old deck) into the woods.

While we waited for the paint to arrive, the kids also helped pass the firewood back up to the new deck.

 After lunch, we went to a nearby retirement home to play BINGO with the residents!  We love BINGO!  (We also love the chocolate prizes ;)

 We had a wonderful week at Mars Hill!  Tomorrow we wrap up our week with a half day as we clean up, pack up and get ready to leave on Saturday.  Thanks for following along with us on our trip!  The kids have grown in fellowship with one another, in faith with God and have enjoyed serving the city of Mars Hill <3

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