Monday, July 18, 2016

Mars hill 2016 - Day 1!!

 Our devotional was about serving God and Jesus.  We made feet that said "Jesus's love leads to service".  We also put feet on the walls and answered the question "how can we serve God?".

 The kids being silly :)
 After our devotional, we tye died our aprons!  They turned out awesome!

 More silliness from the kids :)
They are piercing themselves with our napkin craft rings :)

 We are making wood blocks into pencil holders. 
 We got to drill!

Here we are making s'mores while we go swimming!
 We went to the pool and had fun on the slide!

The s'mores were delicious :)

We painted our pencil holders at the end of the day.

Doing some yoga poses to end the day :)

My favorite part of the day was lunch and painting the pencil boxes.

This blog was written by Ella and Ms. Laurie :)

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