Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mars Hill 2016 - Day 3!!

This was our Third day at Mars Hill!

Today we played the game called Kahoot.  We made a Bible version for everyone to play.

 we made cat and dog treats to take to the animal shelter.

 We painted the deck, the ceiling and the side of one of the work site houses.

We went to the animal shelter and played with the cats and dogs.  There was a cute bulldog and it had two different eye colors; and he was an appropriate dog who didn't bark! 

 We also played with the cats.  Amelia was a stubborn cat.  They gave us wands with fluffy dangling tails to use with the cats.  They loved them!


 We designed cookies for Ella's birthday!  Happy Birthday Ella!

 We watched Zootopia and there was whoa whoa whoa no spoilers!  

Before devotional the girls made a human yoga pyramid!

This blog post was written by Tommy squared!  (otherwise known as Tommy M and Tommy L :)

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