Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May 2016 - Walking on Water and Calming the Storm

We finished out our Sunday school year in May with two wonderful stories - Jesus walking on water and Jesus calming the storm.  Both stories teach us to put our faith and trust in Jesus.  We learned about the stories by experiencing them through storytelling, acting them out with props, water color art and science experiments using water.   The third grade finished their journey through the entire Bible (wow!) and played their final jeopardy game and the preschool learned about people in the Bible as well as people now who help us.

Here are some pics and videos of your kids having fun learning about the Bible and trusting in Jesus!

Our preschoolers trying out angel wings, building a road together (with their story!), learning about traits of Christians and talking about helpers!

Our 1st/2nd grade children enjoyed acting out the story using some props :)

Here is a video as well - sound isn't great...and the kids were a bit shy in front of the camera...but you get the idea :)

Our third graders finishing their journey, earning some finger puppets by reading their Bibles and playing Jeopardy!  Hands on your buzzers!!

Two of our groups painting water color and salt pictures with Ms. Carol!  These kids are so creative!!

Science lessons - water tension and making their own boats!

the needle is floating!

did you know there are some bugs that can walk on water?!

The older children also went to the gym and played a few games - one was walking on water!!  Check out the video :)

We also had a baptism in May - it is always wonderful to welcome new members into our body of Christ!

During our "prayground" in our second service, some of the kids decided to draw pictures of what they learned in Sunday School and the church service!!  very cool :)

We have now kicked off Summer Sunday and the kids are journeying with Jesus and visiting all the places that Jesus visited!  We're learning a lot and having fun :)  God bless you all and stay safe this summer!!

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