Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mars Hill-last day!

Mars Hill Adventure Last Day!

Laurie Juarez

For our last day we got to go to one of the worksites and help paint the house and deck!  The kids had a blast :)  It was nice to meet and get to talk to a family that the church has been working with all week.  The kids also enjoyed "getting their hands dirty' :)  When we got back we made a momento to hook to our bookbags that remind us of everything we've done this week.  Each bead is a symbol of something we did or learned.   (dog - animal shelter, circle - bingo chip/retirement home, eye balls - looking for the geocaches, cross - our devotionals/Jesus, hand - helping at the food bank/building others up and a heart that says "made with love" to remind us of all the things we made for others...and that we are a child of God - "fearfully and wonderfully made"!)
We had a great week and the children have prepared a testimony to be read by Paul at the Contemporary service on Sunday.  They've learned the importance of building up others, our community, our families and ourselves.  It was a wonderful experience!
We can't wait til next year!!DSCN1292JPGDSCN1297JPG

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