Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mars Hill day 2

Mars hill adventure day 2

Laurie Juarez

(My thoughts are in black and itallic :)
We had a great day today and we'll tell you all about it
this is what we did in the animal shelter we pet the dogs and we found out are (our) favorite dogs and cats
DSCN1201JPGDSCN1189JPGDSCN1194JPGDSCN1200JPGDSCN1203JPGThe dogs and cats liked the toys we made them! The cat above went crazy over our catnip toy and some of the friskier dogs liked the pull toys.  The kids didn't want to leave!
we went geocaching it was a bummer cause everything was in the forest but we found two. 
DSCN1186JPGDSCN1210JPGThese are the two geocaches we found.  Unfortunately, as they said above, two of them were deep in the woods and we weren't properly dressed.  bummer!
we had fun swimming and went down the slide and played games.
DSCN1227JPGDSCN1235JPGDSCN1229JPGDSCN1232JPGWe thought it'd be funny to get them all coming out of the slide :) lol
we had a picnic to celebrate Ella's birthday. (at the shelter)
DSCN1206JPGWe had a dog themed celebration - complete with doggy tattoos! :)
we made pillows to send to the work sites too.  
DSCN1213JPGDSCN1212JPGFirst thing this morning we had our devotional and we talked about "Building ourselves up".  We discussed how we are all children of God and that we shouldn't say something about ourselves that we wouldn't say about someone else (ie...I'm so dumb, I'm ugly, etc).  Then we made mirrors that say - "I am a child of God!" to remind us :) 

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