Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mars Hill day 3

Mars Hill Adventure Day 3!

Laurie Juarez

*The kids' comments are at the bottom :)  We had a great time at the Food Bank today, at the Nature Center and working on our gifts to take to the retirement center tomorrow. 
DSCN1259JPGce7628f2dd8642e998c192d3e3bd8abbpngDSCN1261JPGwe made  the coasters for the retirement home they turned out to be really cool.  After we made the coasters we went to the food bank and we packaged cookies. and then we went to franks pizza.  then we went to the zoo we got to see alot of cool things.  After that we finally came home from a busy day but a really fun day. 
Awesome day! :) 

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