Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mars Hill day 2

Day 1 Build others up!

Laurie Juarez

Our theme today was "Build others up"!  After role playing, reading our verse for today and reading "The Three Questions", we watched this video - Speak Life by Toby Mac.  Great song - and extremely relevant to our theme today!  The children were able to pick out the words that would build up and the words that would tear someone down.  Very cool.  Other things we did - made little "encouragement" booklets to put in the geocaches we found, decorated their "goody" bags with permanent markers and alcohol,went geocaching (see their blogpost!), started their toolboxes, made cat and dog toys to take to the shelter tomorrow, watched part of a movie and had some down time!  it was a great day!! :)
DSCN1156JPGDSCN1158JPGDSCN1163JPGDSCN1166JPGSophia giving directions to the first geocache :)
DSCN1169JPGThe one we didn't find!!  hate it when I don't find the cache :-/
DSCN1171JPGgood hiding spot :)
DSCN1174JPGmaking cat and dog toys!
DSCN1175JPGDSCN1176JPGthey turned out cool :) we can't wait to go tomorrow and play with the animals!

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