Friday, January 27, 2017

November 2016 @ Highland!

Our Highland Kids in November!
Sunday school, advent angels, advent wreath and more!!

Our 1st and 2nd graders learning the sign language to the Lord's Prayer.

Our preschool class

Kindergarten playing a game and learning about the Widow's Coin.

K class acting out the Widow's Coin :)

Can you drop a coin in the jar?

Creative reinforcement - every time they found a word they got to pop the bubble wrap :)

Learning about different kinds of coins :)

How much do they weigh?

The 3rd graders doing their "Circle of Grace" lesson.

K class reading their story

3rd grade class working their way through their Bibles.

Ms. Barb reading a story to the preschoolers

Children's choir singing "He's Got the Whole World in His hands" with the adult choir, handbell choir and instruments.

The choir singing in the first service!
Beautiful job!  This is the short version - check out our youtube channel for the full video :)

The prek and K classes singing with Ms. Anne!

While learning about the Widow's Mite, the K and 1st/2nd grade classes made 3 piggy banks - 
one bank to save money, one to donate and one to spend!

The 3rd grade class learning the time line of Joseph!

Advent Angels

What is advent angels?  Go here for a description of what this means :) 
We had a great time making crafts and delivering them during the weeks of advent.

The preschoolers talking about how Jesus came as a baby - and what babies need!

Nursery kiddos <3  Bubbles!!

4th and 5th graders doing a fun activity :)

Advent Wreath

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