Monday, October 9, 2017

September, Kick-off 2017 and more!

We had a great September here at Highland!  We had our kick off right before school started, we had a fun beginning to our Sunday school year and Steven Courtney started off our TNT and Kid's Club  meetings!!  Lot's of fun!!

We finished up August with a fun party outside with lunch and games and music!

Steven Courtney and his band kicked off our first TNT and Kid's Club meeting!!  


Our first Sunday of the school year the kiddos helped me decorate the hallway by making their own "spirit" banner!

Our third graders "soaring" into the sky!  Great job on your hot air balloons!
The first Sunday of every month our storyteller comes and shares our story with the prek-2nd graders for the month!

This month's story - Feeding the 5000!  Just how much is 5000?!  A LOT!! :)

The first and second graders tried to put 5000 dots up on the board to represent the 5000 people...they almost made it halfway.  It's more than you think!!

our silly September birthday kids:)
In October we're learning about the Prodigal Son.  Thanks for a wonderful September!!  God bless!

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