Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bottle Flipping at Highland! 20 Variations to Bottle flippin'!

At our first TNT meeting we had a little battle of Bottle Flipping!  How can such a simple thing be so much fun :)  It's a fun and easy (and cheap) activity for the kids to bond over.  Here are 20 variations of bottle flipping to play with your group!


1.  How many can you flip at a time (and land)?  one in each hand? 2? 3?!
2.  Consistency contest - who can flip the most in a row?
3.  Can you "cap" it? (land it on it's cap) how many times in a row?
4.  Down the Table: Line up 10 bottles on the edge of the table...can you flip them all and land them?  How fast?
yes, I added food coloring to make it more colorful :)

We had one kid at each bottle and went down the line. 3 of our 8 hit it...but not in the same round :) Our best was 2 of 8 :)
Variations of Obstacles:  Can you land it on...

5.  a pedastal?
6.  table?
7.  chair?
8.  in a basket/trash can?
9.  a moving cart?

10.  Can you land a double flip? Triple flip?
11.  Stairs - can you land it on each stair going up? going down?  Can you stand at the top and land it at the bottom?  Can you stand at the bottom and land it at the top?
I watched a video on youtube of some people flipping and they said flipping up above you is hard...we tested it out. :)

it is hard!  We only had one hit it :)

12.  With a board and a block make a lever - an inclined a seesaw.  Flip off the bottle and land it!

Take the game to your playground!

13.  Land it down the slide...then up.
14.  Land it on a ledge.
15.  Can you land it while swinging?
16.  Can you land it when you're upside down?


17.  If you have a smaller group, play H.O.R.S.E (you know, the basketball game).  First person flips the bottle.  If they make it, the next person has to land it the same way.  And so on.  If that person misses, they get an H.  Just remember, no 2 flips can be the same!

18.  Want a real challenge - flip the bottle up to a ledge above you.  Definitely harder!
19.  Trick shot! Get 2 bottles. flip one and land it right side up.  Flip another and land it upside down on top of the first! (cap to cap).
20.  Get a large table and tape coins, dollar bills, coupons for prizes, etc. to the table.  If you flip the bottle (and land it) onto the object you win it!!
this was their favorite game.  Each piece of paper had a prize on it - candy, poster, etc

I had 2 win!

Here's a video of our evening of flippin' fun! :)

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