Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This month the children learned the story of Samuel and how he was called by God.  We didn't go into what the call was, but talked more about how we need to listen - to each other, our teachers, parents and especially God.  The children got to act out the story in storytelling (that was funny!), they played listening games in technology and the older group made their own lego movie!  They made oil lamps in art and used their ears to make music and play games in our mystery rotation!  It was a fun week!  I got some great pictures this month before my camera died :)

Had to throw in a picture of a few of our babies...just cuz they're so cute ;)

First and Second Grade class acting out the story...
This was the second group that acted it out :)  The other kids acted it out the first time while these kids watched.  Then they switched :)

Eli (left), Hannah (standing)

Hannah praying for a baby!

Eli talking with her

Hannah and baby Samuel!

Samuel (in his cloak!) responding to God's voice...Eli telling him to go back to bed :)

Now the 4th/5th graders' turn!

Eli! Did you call me?
young Samuel with his mom and Eli :)
 4th/5th grade - Lights, Camera, Action!!  They divided up the responsibilities and then recorded their own video which I posted on youtube so you could see :)  
Meet the cast...
the builders and actors

the writers - all from memory!  Nice job!!

The final product! :) awesome job!  (I love the door Samuel crawls through to get to Eli! lol)

Third grade finished early one day so they worked on some Books of the Bible puzzles!

One Sunday, the preschoolers talked and learned about working together and sharing!  It was so awesome!  
2 girls performing a puppet show for their audience :)

Together, they colored one sheet of paper - each of them did a part!

Together, they built a road!  Also, not pictured, the class built a tower together.  They did an amazing job encouraging each other, helping each other, rebuilding when it fell and getting it done!!  Way to go prek :)

Another lesson was on sharing God's love and inviting others to church.  They are making an invitation to give to someone..."Come to church with me!"  

 In technology, the kids played a few listening games.  One 
4th/5th grade and 1st/2nd grade making their oil lamps in art!

First and Second graders - how well do you listen? In the bucket is an object.  When it's shaken - can you guess what is in it?

 The third graders learned about Pentecost one Sunday...

What's that on your heads?  Could it be...a FLAME!?

:)    <3

Technology Listening Apps
The 1st/2nd grade and 4th/5th grade played 2 apps in their technology to help them practice and understand how important listening is.  The first app is called "Touch the Sound" (which is pictured below).  They play a sound, and you touch the picture it matches with.  It's very simple and basic (great for preschoolers).  However, after building their confidence with the easy app, we made it harder :)  We covered the screen so they only heard the sound...and they had to guess what was making the sound only based on hearing and not vision :) not so easy!  The second app we played is called "SuperEar".  It costs $2 but it's a great game for your kids to practice their listening skills on (and you as well!).  They need to be readers.  The idea is they will call out 1 (then 2, 3, etc) letters/numbers/words and then you have to tell them what they said by touching the words/letters/numbers on the screen.  I couldn't get past level 6!!  Once they started mixing the numbers with letters I was out :)  The kids enjoyed it and the 4th/5th graders realized that if they worked together they could get to a much higher level!!

 One more listening game for the 1st/2nd graders
these are the worms...
These are the foxes...
Worms say, "What time is it Mr. Fox?"
If the foxes say "10:00" then the worms move forward 10 times...but if they say "LUNCHTIME!!!" then you better run!!!
run worms run!!!  :)

The 3rd graders also read the Sermon on the Mount...and what better place to read the story than "Mt. Highland"? :) Ok, so it's not a mountain...but a hill counts :)  And what a beautiful day it was!

Lastly, our 4th/5th grade learned about sound - how it works, how instruments make sounds and then tried to play a song on glasses filled with water!

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