Friday, March 4, 2016

February - Family Retreat and Joseph!

We had a great time on the family retreat this month!  We focused on time - using it wisely, not wasting it and figuring out what are our top priorities.  Here are a few pics...hope to see more people next year!  It will still be the first weekend on February 2017 but I hear it may be totally different...and closer to home!  So mark your calendars!!
making our clocks!
 Some of the families presenting their faith statements!

Our group (minus a few :)

ribbit :) The nature place was really neat!

racing the turtle :)

the kids beat the youth and adults in trivia!!

the kids' clocks turned out great!

At Sunday school this month the kids learned all about the story of Joseph - in my opinion - one of the best stories in the Bible!  Drama! Mystery! Love! Hate!  It has it all :)  Since I was out two Sundays, I don't have many pictures - but the kids had a great time writing and playing jeopardy, acting out the story, understanding Joseph's timeline and making their own and playing the Joseph version of Cranium (I wish I could've gotten pictures of their sculptures and drawings!) :)
First and second grade in storytelling!

first and second grade making their timelines

The preschoolers listening intently to the story

The preschoolers saying their final prayer :)

Ms. Jo Ann making the timeline!

The 1st and 2nd grade timeline.  They had to choose 5 big events that happened in the lives (including their birth).  I loved seeing what events seemed "big" to them! :) 
If you haven't seen them up in the hallway take a look! 

4th/5th grade timeline

Third grade continued working their way through the Bible.  Have you seen their notebooks?  Very impressive!!

We also learned about the "One Great Hour of Sharing" from Ms. Juanita Fowler and all the kids received their fish banks!  I hope they're being fed!  Please bring them in on Palm Sunday (march 20) big and fat :)    

The kids also helped me create a few picture frames for the silent auction!  Aren't they beautiful!  Nice job kiddos :)

In March we will be learning about the Easter story - specifically about Jesus being crucified and his resurrection (we will not be concentrating much on Holy Week this year).
We had a great February!!

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